Strong Breeze Wind Power Partnership

We appreciate the continued support from our option holders, First Nation partner, NCC Developments LP, the Erie Breezes Energy Co-op and other members of the community. Your commitment to the Strong Breeze Wind Project, and belief in wind development, will help to create an environment with fewer greenhouse gas emissions while providing several economic benefits to landowners and the local community.

Strong Breeze Wind Project Update

We are working diligently to adhere to Ontario’s renewable energy project approval process. We are committed to continuing to engage the local community, while being protective of human health and the environment. Since awarded an electricity contract for our proposed Strong Breeze Wind Project, we have been designing the project to meet applicable regulatory requirements. The Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process for renewable projects involves rigorous assessment of the project’s potential impact on human health, safety, the natural environment, cultural heritage resources, and the surrounding community and infrastructure. We will only begin construction when we have obtained all the required regulatory approvals and necessary permits.

We have contracted Stantec to complete the field studies and prepare the documents for the REA. The field work and the REA process will take up to 12 months to complete; you may have already seen field experts in the community. We have initiated field work in the areas of Natural Heritage, Aquatic and Archaeological to inform these reports. We thank the participating landowners for their cooperation and coordination during a busy time of year, your time and efforts are much appreciated.

The REA process includes various public consultation methods to inform you of the project such as public meetings, the project website and the release of project reports. The REA application includes but is not limited to the following reports:

• Archaeological Assessment Report
• Construction Plan Report
• Consultation Report
• Design and Operations Report
• Decommissioning Plan Report
• Environmental Impact Study Report
• Natural Heritage Assessment Report
• Noise Study Report
• Project Description Report
• Specifications Report
• Water Assessment Report

You will be informed as these draft reports become available for review and comment.

Additionally, over the course of the coming weeks and months, we will be posting several public notices relating to the REA permitting process that will include the notice of public meetings.

Economic Benefits Case Study

The construction and operation of wind power projects can bring significant short-term and long-term enhancements to local economies. We commissioned an economic benefit case study of the Strong Breeze Wind Project to quantify the benefits specific to Dutton Dunwich and Elgin County. The study was conducted by Guy Holburn, PhD , Ivey Business School, Western University. A summary of the findings is as follows, over the next 21 years the Strong Breeze

Wind project will:

• Create 121 person-year full time local jobs during construction and operation
• Distribute steady land lease payments to landowners;
• Establish a Community Benefit Fund and increase municipal property tax installments for an annual total of $180,000, equivalent to 6% of Dutton Dunwich’s net property tax revenue in 2015;
• Offer investment vehicle for local coop and our aboriginal partner;
• Spend an average of $1.7 million in annual total local expenditures and payments within Dutton Dunwich over the construction and operation period, equivalent to $1,170 per household; and Provide an economic benefit to the local community and aboriginal partner in the amount of approximately $52 million.
• For a full copy of the Economic Benefits Report, visit the project website at

Erie Breezes Energy Co-Operative

“We are encouraged by results of the independent economic business case study. The many project benefits outlined in the report, reaffirms our commitment to the project through the Co-op. We have known for some time that the Strong Breeze Wind Project would be good for the local community and this report substantiates our belief,” said Executive Director Erie Breezes Energy Co-Operative.

• Learn more about the Co-op at
• Visit the Co-op on Facebook located at

NCC Developments LP

“It is our belief that renewable energy projects can provide various benefits to all people living in Ontario. As outlined in the economic business case study, the financial benefits of wind projects across the province are creating funds that did not exist previously. Access to this new revenue stream for Dutton Dunwich will only help to fund their municipal services. Similarly, the revenue from our partnership in the project will help us to build our own renewable systems that will eventually reduce our communities’ dependency on diesel-generated electricity.”

We are currently invested in two renewable energy projects in Ontario and have six solar microgrid systems under development in our northern communities. We are proud to say that we are well on our way to achieving our goal of reducing diesel-generated electricity in our communities by 50%”

Geordi Kakepetum – CEO
NCC Developments LP

The Strong Breeze wind project is long-term investment that will return significant benefits to the community. We encourage you to visit the new Strong Breeze Wind Project website at If you have any questions regarding the REA process or the Strong Breeze Wind Project please do not hesitate to contact a project representative.


Gilles Pinsonneault
Project Manager

Jim Ford
Project Manager

Ryan Ralph
Senior Manager, Business Development

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