Part 1 of our June 2015 Newsletter:


Iam pleased to bring you this First edition of the Erie Breezes Energy Co-operative Newsletter. Established by local community landowners, we are passionate about bringing wind energy to the Municipality of Dutton Dunwich.


Wind power can offer so much to our community.  It will:

  • Increase the tax revenue to our municipality and local school boards by several million dollars over the project’s 20 year life span.
  • Create jobs in the community and open up opportunities for graduates from local college renewable energy training programs
  • Give Dutton Dunwich a regular source of funding for local initiatives through a Community Benet Fund that will be put in place once the wind project is operational.
  • Create a Community Working Group that allows community members to have a voice and provide feedback on the wind project.


Do you want to get involved? The Erie Breezes Energy Co-operative is a great opportunity to participate in the wind development process.


We recently elected our Board of Directors, established our corporation bylaws and toured the Raleigh Wind Centre in Merlin to see a wind energy project in operation. We currently have one Director position open on the board. Please contact us if you’re interested in applying. We have a very active group of landowners who are excited about Invenergy’s wind power project. If you believe in a green future that brings many benefits to our community, join us. We’d love to welcome you to your co-op.


Stan Campbell


Erie Breezes Energy Co-operative