“We raise Specklepark cattle in Dutton Dunwich and look forward to wind turbines operating in our area in the near future. This will be a great benefit to Dutton Dunwich.”

– Dave McKillop & Cassie Taylor


Part 2 of our June 2015 Newsletter:


The cost of wind energy

  • Wind energy is more cost-competitive than other sources of energy, such as: coal with carbon capture and storage, small hydro, or nuclear power.
  • The fuel that turns wind turbine blades (the wind) is free. The price of electricity produced by wind turbines is predetermined for the entire life of the wind farm.
  • This long-term cost certainty of wind farms helps to stabilize electricity rates, providing important protection for consumers.
  • Unlike many other sources of energy generation, the cost of building wind energy continues to decline, with dramatic drops over the past three years.

Fast facts for landowners:

A wind turbine and access road use as little as 1% of a farm’s total acreage. The remaining acreage is free for other uses, such as planting crops.