A Winning Combination

Farming has always been a tough business – long hours, physical exertion and a reliance on uncontrollable and unpredictable factors like the weather. Today’s farmers, many of whom are third or fourth generation landowners, have seen the entire industry change over the past 50 years. They have watched farm land being sold to make way for housing developments. They have seen how advances in technology, crop management and genetics have changed the way they work. And by working so intimately with nature, they have experienced the effects of climate change first hand.

In order to survive, farmers have to be shrewd business people. They must find ways to incorporate technology, maximize yields and manage cash flow. They also need to make the best use of the resources at their disposal to ensure the long-term viability of their businesses. Because it’s such a tough business, farmers cannot afford to take on any activity that would jeopardize their agricultural output or stress their livestock.

Many farmers have embraced wind energy as another tool that they can use to stay afloat. By working with projects such as the Strong Breeze Wind Project, farmers can harness an existing, abundant resource without compromising their current business operations.

Typically, wind turbines take up only 1-2% of a farm’s acreage and are often located on land that is other wise unused. Lane ways that are built for the turbines have improved access to existing land, helping farmers maximize use of their properties.

Farmers who have already taken the leap into wind energy report that they have seen no ill effects on their livestock from the turbines. Most report that the noise created by the turbines is minimal, and some even find it to be rhythmic and soothing.

Participating in wind projects adds a revenue stream to farm businesses, allowing farmers to plan for their futures based on stable, predictable revenues. This is a key success factor for any business. Knowing that they can rely on steady income allows farmers to invest in and focus on their core agricultural business.

Because farmers tend to spend their money in their communities, when their businesses thrive, local businesses benefit. Tax revenues from the Strong Breeze Wind project will also have a positive impact on the community, providing funding for improvements such as roads and libraries, and creating job opportunities for tradespeople and contractors.

Farmers have a vested interest in protecting the environment, which has a direct impact on both their yields and their working conditions  investing in alternatives to fossil fuels is a sound business decision. Wind energy is clean, reliable, affordable and sustainable. It is an investment into the long-term survival of their businesses.

By adding wind energy to their current farm operations, farmers can invest in clean energy, improve their bottom lines and make solid plans for the future of their properties. That just makes good business sense.

To learn more about the Strong Breeze Wind Project, visit www.strongbreezewind.com